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Savings and Investments

Savings and Investment Plans

Financial insurance can be an excellent option if you want to build up savings and make the most of your money, it may make sense to learn about financial insurance, its features and potential.

Financial insurance is constituted as life insurance contracts and is broadly divided into two types:

Capitalisation Insurance
Typically with capital and income guaranteed by the insurance company, and may also benefit from participation in the insurer's profits.

Insurance Linked to Investment Funds (Unit Linked)
Products that combine the management characteristics of an investment fund with the benefits of insurance (particularly tax and coverage). They are financial investments with risk, with the potential for return, although without guaranteed capital or income.

What is the return on financial insurance?

Investment in financial insurance can be capital and income guaranteed (capitalisation insurance) or can depend on the valuation of a pool of assets, such as money market, financial bonds, assets and others (unit linked insurance). Thus, there are financial insurances for all investment and risk profiles.

What are the advantages of investing in financial insurance?

Financial insurance is a potentially interesting alternative in the savings strategy for a number of advantages:

  • Existence of very attractive tax benefits
  • Possibility of free appointment of beneficiaries
  • Possibility of constitution and periodic reinforcements with low amounts
  • Investment diversification
  • Access to a professional management team and to assets/markets that might otherwise be closed to private investors.

What are the tax benefits of financial insurance?

These insurances have an income tax regime that is progressively more favourable for investment holding periods of more than 5 years, and in the event of death, free transfers of credits from these products are not subject to Stamp Duty.

This information does not dispense you from consulting the applicable tax legislation.

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