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Life insurance

Taking out life insurance is a preventive attitude and protection for you and your family. Life insurance can be taken out to financially safeguard your family, your business or as protection for mortgage loans, the most common being home loans.

Financial Protection for the Family
In the event of death, it helps the spouse and dependants to cope with any financial difficulties that may arise.

Disability and Critical Illness Cover
If an accident or illness jeopardises your independence, insurance helps to cover the necessary costs.

Responds to your Commitments to Banks
Specific life insurance for the protection of housing loans with coverages that meet the conditions required by banks.

Did you know?

You are not obliged to take out the Life Insurance associated with your Home Loan with your Bank. Most people, at the time of contracting the housing loan, are unaware that they can take out Life Insurance for Housing Loans with another Insurer.

With the entry into force of Decree-Law no. 222/2009, you can choose the insurer that is most favourable to you. This Decree-Law also allows the holders of a Housing Loan to transfer the life insurance during the term of the contract.

So if you are the holder of a Home Loan, you can at any time transfer the life insurance to another Insurer that offers you better conditions.

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