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Civil liability

Civil liability insurance

Family Liability

With a Family Civil Liability insurance you protect yourself and your family by guaranteeing the payment of compensation for property and non-patrimonial damages caused unintentionally to third parties by members of your household, domestic employees at your service and pets (provided they live with you and are not legally qualified as dangerous or potentially dangerous).

Civil Liability (Corporate and ENI's)

By taking out liability insurance, you reduce the impact of compensation for damages to third parties by transferring part of that responsibility to the insurer. You can easily combine several types of liability cover in a single policy, simply by choosing the capital that best suits your level of protection.

We help you strengthen your company's solidity, contributing to its differentiation and greater competitiveness.

Operating Liability

It guarantees damage caused to third parties in the course of its activity.

Operating Liability Insurance guarantees the payment of:

  • Compensation payable to the Insured for damage resulting from the installations, operations, works or activities carried out;
  • Legal costs, court fees and other expenses directly related to the legal defence of the company or the claim against third parties.

Professional Liability

Guarantees damage caused to third parties in the course of their work.

If a customer believes they have been harmed in any way by a product or service, they may consider legal action against the company/person who provided it. In a world increasingly prone to litigation, professionals need to prepare for these types of situations. Typically, the costs involved in resolving such disputes can be high - from legal fees, to lawyers' fees, to possible damages in favour of the plaintiff - and practitioners see their business seriously compromised. In addition to these concerns, it is important to consider issues such as reputational damage.

This insurance is compulsory for some activities, especially for professionals and liberal professions, although it also makes sense for other professions, depending on the risk, the professional class and the size of the company, we give as an example:

  • Administrators;
  • Lawyers, Legal Advisers, Solicitors;
  • Temporary work agencies;
  • Architects, engineers and design companies;
  • Architects, engineers and design companies;
  • Auditors, Technicians and Auditors;
  • Insurance intermediaries and agents;
  • Doctors;
  • Media and communication companies (publishing, advertising, television, radio, etc.);
  • Management companies or marketing consultancies;
  • IT companies, e-commerce or call centres;
  • Service provision companies in general;
  • Telecoms companies;

Environmental Liability

Companies should find, where possible, effective ways to prevent environmental damage and ensure that they have sufficient resources for replacement, repair and mitigation in the event of environmental damage. Environmental Liability insurance guarantees Administrative Liability, for Environmental Damage or Imminent Threat of Damage resulting from the exercise of its activity.

Civil liability for pollution or contamination and defence costs may also be covered.

Available Covers:

  • Administrative liability for environmental damage or imminent threat of damage
  • Civil liability for pollution/contamination
  • Defence Costs

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