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Personal Accidents

Personal accident insurance

Unforeseen events happen at any time, to anyone and anywhere in the world. In everyday life, there are many risks to which we are exposed - slipping on a pavement, falling down a flight of stairs, among many others.

If you want extra protection for yourself or your family, Personal Accident insurance protects you from everyday accidents that occur at work or at play.

It guarantees the payment of compensation in the event of death or disability resulting from an accident, and may also cover expenses arising therefrom, such as treatment or repatriation costs.

Personal Accident insurance minimises the financial impact that an unforeseeable situation can have on your personal and family life.

Live your day-to-day life without worries and with the security that you are protected against the unforeseen events that can happen.

What will you get with Personal Accident Insurance?

  • Payment of compensation and expenses in the event of death or permanent invalidity
  • Assistance service anywhere in the world
  • Civil liability covering damage caused to third parties
  • Family stability with guaranteed treatment costs and daily allowance in case of hospitalisation
  • You can add the Sports Module that protects you in a wide variety of amateur sports

Personal Accident - Group

Personal Accident insurance is compulsory for some activities, such as:

  • Recreational, Cultural or Sporting Activities
  • Educational establishments
  • Homes and Day Care Centres
  • Study Visits
  • Holiday Camps
  • Amusement Equipment
  • Temporary Venues and Party Spaces
  • Sports Facilities
  • Heritage and Performance Venues
  • Tourist Animation
  • Employee Protection

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