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Protection Solutions

Protection Solutions

As an experienced insurance consultant, we offer a wide range of protection products and services to meet your individual and business needs. Our mission is to ensure that you are properly covered against the risks that may affect your life, your family and your business.

In addition, we offer specialised services such as risk management advice, assessment of existing insurance and specific needs analysis to ensure you get the right protection.

Our team of expert advisors are ready to help you find the right protection products and services for your needs. Contact us today and find out how we can help protect what's most important to you. We are committed to providing reliable and customised solutions for your peace of mind and security.


Car insurance is an insurance that protects vehicle owners in case of accidents, theft or damage caused to third parties. This insurance provides financial coverage and assistance in various situations related to the use of the vehicle.


Always feel well supported in everything that concerns your health and that of your family. Health always comes first. So the choice is always yours, whether it's the clinic, hospital of your choice or your usual doctor.

Multi-risk Housing

Multi-risk home insurance is an essential product to protect your home and your property from the most diverse types of risks to which we are subject.

Accidents at work

Occupational accident insurance is compulsory insurance by law, it is an essential protection for both employers and employees.

Savings and Investments

Prepare for your future in the present, with balance and security. Financial insurance can be an excellent option if you want to build up savings and make the most of your money, it may make sense to learn about financial insurance, its features and potential.


Taking out life insurance is a preventive attitude and protection for you and your family. Life insurance can be taken out to financially safeguard your family, your business or as protection for mortgage loans, the most common being home loans.

Personal Accidents

Unforeseen events happen at any time, to anyone and anywhere in the world. In everyday life, there are many risks to which we are exposed - slipping on a pavement, falling down a flight of stairs, among many others.

Civil liability

Liability insurance is a key protection against potential claims and damages. As a specialised insurance consultant, we are here to help you understand and purchase the most suitable liability insurance for your needs.

Cyber Risks

As technology develops and changes more and more, there are challenges that have to be overcome: one of them is computer security, which will always have to be more robust and adapted to today's times, where teleworking is increasingly a reality.